About Mr. Roberts

As one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject of revival, Mr. Richard Owen Roberts has dedicated his life to studying and promoting Christian revival through publications, sermons, and prayer.

Roberts received his formal education from Gordon College, Whitworth College and Fuller Theological Seminary. Richard Owen Roberts is the President and a founding Director of International Awakening Ministries and has been the pastor of churches in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California. During the years he served the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference as Minister-at-Large, he was instrumental in the formation of two churches in the Albany capitol district: the Bethlehem Community Church of Delmar, New York, and the Clifton Park Community Church in Clifton Park, New York.

Since 1975, Mr. Roberts and his family have lived in the Wheaton, Illinois, area. He worked with the Billy Graham Association and Wheaton College in the formation of the Billy Graham Center Library. His own private collection of some 9,000 volumes relating to movements of religious revival provides the nucleus of the Graham Center Library.

From his youth, Mr. Roberts has been a student of spiritual awakenings. He has authored, edited and/or published numerous volumes relating to revival and revivalism. These include:

  • Revival – summarizes Mr. Roberts convictions and concerns about this urgent theme
  • Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography with Biographical and
    Historical Notices
     – details over 5,000 titles on revival
  • Whitefield in Print: A Bibliographic Record of Works By, For and Against George Whitefield; with Annotations, Biographical and Historical Notices, and Bibliographies of Associates and Contemporaries – forms a literary history of the Great Eighteenth Century Revival.

College of Revival Purpose

The College of Revival makes Mr. Robert’s over six-full-decades of work available to anyone, free of purchase, in order to educate genuine Christ followers concerning the history and nature of revival, for the purpose of transforming the American church, and churches throughout the world.  This website will allow you, and your church, to better understand how to invite our sovereign God, to once again, pour out His MANIFEST PRESENCE among His followers, as well as those currently not following Him, and those who are lukewarm (Revelation 3:14-16 and 19).